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iPhone 3G: Apple “investigating” iOS4 woes

Many iPhone 3G owners excitedly updated their handsets to iOS4, blithely assuming that if the update is available for their handsets then it must surely be improving matters. Sadly this was not the case – my iPhone 3G is slower than a sleepy snail, burns through battery like nobody’s business and it’s obviously busy putting a lot of effort into something since you could fry an egg on the back panel.

By the multitude of forum posts, tweets and blog posts on the matter, I am not alone. Well, fellow iPhone 3G sufferers, we can rest easy knowing that Apple is “aware of the reports and is looking into the matter,” as a spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal’s Digits blog.

Seems to me that Apple should have “investigated” this before offering the iOS4 upgrade to iPhone 3G owners, considering it basically ruins an aging phone. Does this mean there’ll be a fix? No idea. We’d be happy if there was just a simple way to downgrade our handsets, although a free iPhone 4 upgrade would be quite nice too.

The best advice we can offer for now is to avoid upgrading your iPhone 3G to iOS4 if you haven’t already; the folders really aren’t worth it.


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