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iPhone 4 and iPad to get multi-way FaceTime?

As much as we think FaceTime is a neat yet ultimately over-hyped feature, we’re quite intrigued by the possibility of conference video calls on our iPhone 4s. An eagle-eyed forum member over at has spotted a key in the apps’ code which could allow multiple connections.

This points rather strongly to the possibility of iPad-based FaceTiming, because any more than a couple of participants on an iPhone and you won’t be able to see what’s going on. The iPad’s larger screen would do well though; the other possiblity being FaceTime calls between iPhone 4 and Mac computers.

Either way, expanding the functionality of the video calling app can only be a good thing – no doubt the adult entertainment industry is deciding how best to exploit the potential multi-iPhone-user video call as we speak. [Electronista]


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