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iPhone 4 day: Everything UK customers need to know

It’s 8am on Thursday June 24th 2010. That can mean only one thing – the iPhone 4 has now officially gone on sale.

Happy iPhone 4 day! Isn’t your heart fit to burst with all the excitement? Calm yourself for a minute to check out everything you need to know, courtesy of

Remind yourself of the twisted tale of Gray Powell and the “lost” prototype that Gizmodo got its hands on.

Compare that leaked handset to the official iPhone 4, revealed by Steve Jobs just weeks ago.

Try and stop yourself from stroking the web browser as we go hands-on with the shiny wonder-phone that very same day. You’re convinced now, aren’t you?

Just in case you’re not, have a look at how the iPhone 4 compares to other superphones, from the HTC Desire to the Dell Streak and Palm Pre Plus.

Check out the UK tariffs available for the iPhone 4 at launch and decide which one is right for you.

Now get your coat, pack a lunch and get in line at any one of these places where you can buy the handset today.

Stay tuned to Recombu for more iPhone 4 news, features and opinions throughout the day – and let us know in the comments what you’re up to today – whether you’re queuing, taking some time to review your options, boycotting the whole thing or already playing with your brand new iPhone 4 as we speak.

[Image credit: Michael Teather]


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