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iOS 4 folders: How do you organise yours?

Three years after Apple launched the original iPhone operating system, it finally added the ability to organise apps into folders. You can setup a folder by simply dragging an app into another app. iOS 4 automatically creates a name for that folder using the app’s category but you can also create your own name for it.

We’ve spent a significant amount of time sorting our apps into folders but we wanted to see what everyone else was up to. Are they doing cool and unusual things with folders? Probably not, but if you’re a neat freak you should find these screenshots rather satisfying. Click on the next page to get a closer look.

Jon Evans (@jonprevans) on the left and Dan Bowsher (@dan_bowsher) on the right.

Stuart Derricott (@Deepfour) on the left and Chad Potter (@chad_potter) on the right.

Dominic Feeney (@DomFeeney) on the left and Stuart Miles (@stuartmiles) on the right.

Andrew Lanxon Hoyle (@Batteryhq) on the left and Gordon Kelly (@GordonKelly) on the right.

Samuel Gibbs (@SamuelGibbs) on the left and James Deville (@jamesdevile) on the right.

Alex Crawshaw (@alex_crawshaw) on the left and Steve King (@sjkdesigns) on the right.

Lauren McGregor (@laurenmcgregor) on the left and Owen Gerrard (@ogerrard) on the right.

Kate Solomon (@katiesol) on the left and James Holland (@jamesholland) on the right.

David Chow (@davidchow) on the left and Ben Harvard Taylor (@BenHT) on the right.

Richard Lai (@richardlai) on the left and I’m (@andylim) on the right.


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