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iPhone 4 is the most used camera on Flickr, beating stand-alone shooters

The iPhone now dominates the photosharing site Flickr, leading ahead of digital SLR and point-and-shoot compact cameras.

TechCrunch reported several months earlier, that the iPhone 4 had edged ahead of its predecessor, the iPhone 3GS, to lead as the top camera-phone – this is now by a huge margin.

The iPhone now leads as the most used camera by Flickr uploaders. Inching ahead of its nearest rival, the Nikon D40, the growth the iPhone on Flickr isn’t tailing off, either. In fact, in the last few weeks, percentage growth of iPhone users spiked again.

The iPhone, which boasts its own Flickr app, also has hundreds of camera and photo-editing apps to add effects, correct and upload your snaps

Though some purists may say the Nokia N8 and Xperia Arc beat the iPhone technically, there’s no faulting its accessibility, and even more features, including a transplanted shutter button in the forthcoming iOS 5 update to look set to keep the iPhone dominating the camera-phone league table at Flickr.

Via: Mac Stories


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