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iPhone 4 made over as Leica M9: Looks amazing

When Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 4 at WWDC this year, he mentioned that its design was inspired by old Leica SLR cameras and we all cocked our heads to one side and said, “Really?” then forgot all about it and went on with our lives.

But camera-fan and photographer Joey Celis didn’t forget. Not one for phone cases, he created his own custom iPhone decal in the style of an old Leica M9. It took him four hours to design the decal, cropping and skewing and overlaying and all that Photoshop jazz, then simply printed it up and stuck it onto his handset.

Doesn’t it look ace? Unfortunately, he’s not making the stickers to sell, as a note on his flickr page says, “Sorry but I won’t be making these to sell. It’s just a one off for personal use.” Such a shame as it’s brilliantly done; even the camera and flash of the iPhone 4 fit perfectly with the Leica face. Gorgeous. I wonder if he’d sell us the Photoshop files…

[Joey Celis via PetaPixel via PocketLint]


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