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iPhone 4 tumbles out of hotel window, breaks skylight, still works

The iPhone 4 may be many brilliant things, but we’ve always felt it to be a bit fragile. We may be wrong, if ‘internet dude’ Bryce Case’s story is true. His iPhone 4 apparently fell 26 stories out of a San Diego hotel window, smashed a skylight and lived to tell the tale. On the right you can see a very accurate and technical diagram illustrating the fall.

The handset was tucked up in an InCase protective covering that will have helped to protect it, but still – it’s a pretty impressive feat. Even to smash a pane of glass (below left) and survive is impressive, but that 26-storey free-fall blows our minds. After retrieving the handset from the skylight, Bryce discovered that the iPhone 4 didn’t seem to have sustained any damage and still made calls.

We are a tiny bit suspicious of the story (convenient surname, no?), so we certainly wouldn’t recommend you chuck your iPhone from the nearest high rise to see if it survives. We definitely won’t be risking ours – not after the great iPhone/brick wall fiasco of 2009 anyway.

Young Bryce was so pleased that he wrote an email to personally thank Steve Jobs, in which he notes that “only in 2010 could you die from an iPhone4 hitting you on the head” – unless you had a time machine, my friend.

[FacePunch via Albotas]


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