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iPhone 4 White: May cost more than black

Sacre bleu! According to Orange France, the iPhone 4 white looks like it’ll attract a premium above the already weighty price-tag.

We told you about the phones appeared on Orange and Three Mobile’s site earlier this week, and checking the prices there now still shows no difference between the black and white options.

We decided to check with Orange on whether the UK prices would change, and they’ve told us that while the information on the white iPhone has been on the shop site for a while, they expect the UK price to remain the same as the black model. Apologies to our continental cousins.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Apple priced their products differently. In a bizarre reversal, a black MacBook cost more than the white version.

White iPhone models have begun to appear on inventory lists around the world, but we’re still waiting for a sale date. Do we want a white iPhone that much? Tell us.

Via: 9to5Mac


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