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iPhone 4 White: SIM-free at Expansys, just under £1000

Expansys have done it again. This time, it’s the fabled iPhone 4 White; the phone that refused to die.

Following on from their SIM-free Atrix price-up earlier today, the online tech shop now have the snowy iPhone 4 up on their site for a whopping, barely sub-£1000 price-tag. Yes, getting your iPhone in a white jacket is going to cost you £920, and currently only in the 32GB size.

We assume that extra-special paint-job has done the trick, and the camera is now working faultlessly.

Still no sale date to see on their website, or when you can expect your pre-ordered white bundle of joy to arrive.

But if you can now barely wait any longer for that white phone, take a look at our gallery of pretenders all happy to be your iPhone substitute. But it wouldn’t be the same, would it?Are you still willing to pay around a grand for privilege?


Via: Know Your Mobile


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