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iPhone 4G (aka HD) hands-on pictures and video

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Gizmodo has the rumoured iPhone 4G/HD and it’s taken lots of pics and video of it. Here are some of the specs: a front-facing camera, improved camera on the back with a larger lens, a micro-SIM slot, a higher resolution screen, a secondary mic at the top and split volume keys.

As you can see the back is entirely flat and made out of glass or shiny plastic. The silver border is reportedly made out of aluminium and the screen is smaller than the 3GS’s. It’s 3 grams heavier than the iPhone 3GS and some of the components have been made smaller to accomodate a larger batter.

Similar to Engadget, the Gizmodo team seems convinced that this is the real deal and since they actually have it in their hands we’re willing to believe it. It’s worth noting though that Apple hasn’t confirmed anything. This could be the next iPhone or it could be a prototype that was never going to see the light of day.


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