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iPhone 4G concept: Unibody MacBook meets iPhone

A few months ago we noticed some incredible pictures of a concept iPhone 4G on Flickr. The pictures belong to an industrial designer called Guillaume Moshi Guyader, who recently gave us permission to put the pictures on the site. Guyader wanted us to make it clear that this in a work in progress.

From Guyader’s Flickr profile: “I have to fix the awful “X” shape at the back, finish the plugs, some buttons are missing on the side, UI is missing, modify the proportions a little bit, etc…”

As you can see Guyader’s iPhone 4G concept brings together design aspects from the unibody MacBook and existing iPhone. We love the idea of an all metal iPhone and particularly like the redesigned power switch. We also really like the idea of a centralised camera and the addition of the Apple logo on the home key. Click on the next page for more pics.

We love the Apple logo on the home key.

The all metal casing would make it really robust, similar to the original iPhone.

The centralised camera looks great.

It’s amazing what a little bit of colour can do.

Guyader points out on his Flickr profile that he needs to fix the x shape on the back.

What’s great about this design is that we could totally see Apple making something like this.


We want one.

We really want one.

Can you spot the forward-facing camera at the top? It looks good to us.