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iPhone 4G to spark phone insurance fraud

Have you ever thought of making a sneaky insurance claim on your phone, even though it hasn’t been lost, damaged or stolen? Life assistance company CPP reckons that one in twenty British mobile phone users would do so in order to get their dishonest little mitts on the latest handset and is warning that the release of the next iPhone will cause a surge in fraudulent claims.

The number of phones reported missing rose by 11% between May and June 2009, around the time when the iPhone 3GS was announced. Coincidence? CPP thinks not. After all, that lengthy 18- or 24-month contract you’re tied into becomes quite a burden once the new handset du jour is announced four months in, and to buy it unlocked can set you back hundreds of pounds. Long contracts, while frustrating, are no excuse for law-breaking though.

And if you’re not fraudulently claiming on your phone’s insurance, then you’re likely to be claiming for real as mobile phone theft is a continuing problem. Sheffield, Edinburgh, London, Cardiff and Liverpool have been revealed to be the phone theft hotspots, with Tuesday afternoon proving the most popular time for phone thievery.

[via Cellular News]