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iPhone 4S appears in latest iTunes Beta

The new iPhone is due to be announced tomorrow, but more details have emerged of hinting again that it will be an iPhone 4S that is released, instead of an iPhone 5.

The latest iTunes Beta released last Friday details an ‘iPhone 4S’ and also references that the new iPhone will use the same ‘Icon file name’ (or image icon) as the existing iPhone 4: iPhone-4-cdma-white-icns.

This suggests there won’t be much cosmetic change from the existing iPhone 4. Of course, it could be that Apple is just using it as a placeholder for now, until the new iPhone is announced tomorrow.

There’s been speculation that the new iPhone will have a dramatic redesign, following the issues regarding the antenna with the iPhone 4, what is expected is a new dual-core processor and megapixel boost to the camera.

Recently there have been more and more rumours suggesting that the new iPhone will be called iPhone 4S, not 1Phone 5 and will be an incremental upgrade to the existing iPhone 4. Just last week, the iPhone 4S appeared on an Apple inventory .

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Via: MacRumours Via: 9-to-5 Mac


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