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iPhone 4S cases reveal iPhone 4 form factor?

Further hints at the new iPhone 4S’ form factor have appeared online courtesy of BGR. They’ve been handed some spy shots of what purports to be new protective cases for the next-gen iPhone, rumoured to be launching sometime next month.

And if these shots are to be believed, it’s bad news for Apple fans still holding out hope for a radical iPhone redesign. The cases look like they’re designed to hold a handset the same size and shape as the current iPhone 4, with the only noticeable difference being a slightly bigger hole for a camera, fitting with the stories we’re hearing that one of the iPhone 4S’ improvementas will be a snazzier, 1080p-shooting snapper.

An updated case doesn’t necessarily spell corresponding new iPhone, but it’s the timing that’s worrying us – we’re too close to that rumoured iPhone launch to be writing off anything as a coincidence. We’ve been hearing unsettling rumours over the last couple of days that Apple would be launching what would be essentially an updated iPhone 4 (as it did when it launched the 3GS a year after the 3G), but talk on the interweb was that it would be a low-cost option launching alongside a premium iPhone 5. There’s still hope that that’s what’s in store come October 4th, but it’s growing fainter with each of these stories we read.



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