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iPhone 4S coming this year, iPhone 5 later?

Apple fans on tenterhooks waiting for the iPhone 5 to launch in October may be disappointed, it turns out. According to Greek gadget site DigitalLife, Apple will release only a souped-up iPhone 4 (the iPhone 4S) this year, while the next generation iPhone 5 we’ve been hearing so much about my be pushed back to sometime next year.

This year’s iPhone 4S will reportedly be the same as the current model aesthetically, but under the hood its processor will be upgraded to a dual-core A5 chip, and its camera will be boosted to shoot stills at 8MP and capture video at 1080p.

We’re not sure about this one. For one thing, if it turns out that there is an iPhone 5 on the horizon, then Apple will have a heck of a job convincing people to sign up for two years with what’s essentially a nippier iPhone 4 with a better camera, especially for Apple fans who already have an iPhone 4 at the moment. Secondly, just upping the iPhone 4’s processor a notch and adding an 8MP camera doesn’t sound like enough to hold on to Apple’s technological lead over its competitors – every phone and its dog has an 8MP camera and a dual-core processor these days. And keeping on with a 3.7-inch display? A bigger screen was about the only iPhone 5 rumour we’d been hearing with any consistency, and it’s certainly the direction that Apple’s competitors are leaning in (possibly too far, in some cases – we’re looking at you, Samsung Galaxy Note). There’s no denying the iPhone 4 is an impressive piece of tech, but such a minor update really would be a disappointment after all the juicy rumours we’ve been hearing.

Fingers crossed this turns out to just be another product of the rumour mill, or the tech world may be headed for a massive anti-climax come October.

Via: Pocket-lint, DigitalLife