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iPhone 4S gets a Game Boy case

The iPhone is probably the most accidentally shattered phone in the world, making an iPhone case pretty much a given for most people. That said, with such a slick phone, overlaying it with an unattractive hunk of plastic or faux leather is the last thing you want to do. So what’s the solution? Go back to the days when bulk was cool – go retro!

We’ve just spotted this soft-touch solution in silicone over at Mobile Fun, an iPhone 4S case that turns your phone’s backing into a completely non-functioning but very cool mock Game Boy, complete with green screen and grille speaker to the right.

Adding a bit of fun to the iPhone’s casing line, this looks like the perfect solution for anyone looking to get an iPhone fan something a little more fun with which to protect their handset. At £9.95, it would make for a great gift or stocking filler this festive season.

Source: Mobile Fun