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iPhone 4S sighted in Brazil, is not an iPhone 5

Another rumour nail for the coffin of the iPhone 5; insider photographs from an Apple factory in Brazil have apparently outed the next iPhone, and if you’ve been fumbling your way through the day with all your fingers crossed for a late iPhone 5 appearance, look away now.

Yes, this is reportedly the face of Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 4S, leering out at you from behind that plastic casing like a half-remembered relative you never liked. He sees your disappointment, and if you look closely you can almost see him grinning.

Now before iPhone 4S deniers start claiming this is an iPhone 4, Gizmodo are reporting that that Approvado/Reprovado form in the bottom right hand corner is headed with the model number N90A, which is the same as the model number that has been banded around the internet and rumoured to denote the iPhone 4S. It doesn’t rule out Apple’s launching an iPhone 5 as well tomorrow, but the iPhone 4S is looking like more and more of certainty. Will tomorrow also see an iPhone 5 launch? We’ve but a day before all is revealed.

Source: Gizmodo


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