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iPhone 5: Aluminium back plate as found on iPad2?

BGR are at it again with their iPhone 5 rumours. This time it’s about Apple’s all-important design and specifically the back casing of the Apple iPhone 5. Purported to bring a dose aluminium to the mix, the latest iPhone looks like it may land with a back not too dissimilar to that found on the iPad 2, with a matte aluminium finish and curved design. What’s great about this for the consumer is that unlike with the iPhone 4 and 4S, a one metre drop would only shatter one side of the handset not both. Small mercies.

Other pearls of wisdom to come out of the report from BGR include speculation about a rubber or plastic material that will be used in the iPhone chassis. Likely to be used as a bezel surrounding the front of the phone as found in the iPhone 3GS, it will join the glass with the back plate, cover a redesigned antenna surrounding the device and be a similar material to that used in the iPhone 4 bumper cases. This should reduce the possibility of reception issues despite an all metal backing. Once again, this is similar to the iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.

Finally, the BGR report reiterates the likelyhood of a 4-inch display on the iPhone 5, backing up rumours we’ve seen thus far, while also suggesting an October 2012 or thereabouts release. This seems like an awfully long wait to get our first redesigned Apple iPhone since the original iPhone 4 launched in Summer 2010. Are you prepared to hold-off for the next iPhone or will it be an Android in your hands come 2012? Answers on a postcard below.

Source: BGR


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