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iPhone 5 case schematics suggest curved future

These brightly coloured design plans for a future iPhone case adds to the rumour that the fifth generation iPhone will go ‘retro’, with a profile more similar to earlier iPhones than the current iPhone 4.

The rumours don’t stop, but they’ve been generally consistent regarding the shape of the phone, if not what we’ll find inside those curves.

The designs, allegedly from a Chinese case manufacturer (many of these rumours are) include the notion of a edge-to-edge display, which could mean a similarly sized phone with a larger display.

One new idea in these designs is enlarged area below the screen where the homescreen button used to sit.

Does this mean a swishable gesture area like that found on the likes of the HP Palm Pre 2, or even something similar to trackpads on Apple’s MacBook range? For now, we don’t know. It could even be a space for multiple buttons, but we’d doubt Apple would do anything so simple.

At least it gives us a bigger screen, it’s one of the features we want to see on the iPhone 5.

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