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iPhone 5 cases found on AT&T’s reseller inventory system

As we get ever closer to that magical October 4th date, more and more details are emerging about the next iPhone. Or should that be iPhones?

The latest leak from AT&T’s reseller inventory system seems to back up that there will indeed be an iPhone 5, revealing new Barely There cases from Case-Mate in various colours for the new model. That also sits nicely with the iPhone 5 renders seen on Case-Mate’s website not too long ago. Curiously there’s also a listing for an iPhone 4G, but we’re willing to bet that it’s a simple typo, or possibly a case of mistaken identity for the iPhone 4S.

There’s been conflicting information as to whether or not Apple are planning to unveil one or two models in the next few weeks. Just a few days ago DigitalLife reported that Apple would only be releasing the iPhone 4S, with an iPhone 5 coming later. But information from JP Morgan that Apple are releasing two models along with the Case-Mate renders/listings suggests we will indeed be seeing the elusive iPhone 5.

We’ll know for sure very, very soon.

Source: TiPb


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