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iPhone 5 concept video offers us a glimpse of how things might be

The iPhone 5 didn’t turn out to be the iPhone 5 after all. As we all now know it’s the iPhone 4S. Siri has charmed us with it’s sarky answers and the super-weak battery performance of our phones after updating to iOS 5 has, well, less than charmed us.

But we reckon that now’s about the right time for the iPhone 5/iPad 3 rumours to start cranking out of the Internet Rumour Mill again. This short concept video, forwarded to us by its makers, shows off a slim metallic ‘iPhone 5’ with a curved ergonomic back. It reminds us a bit of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (no bad thing) and that lozenge/capsule-shaped home button looks like the one that was rumoured to feature on the iPhone 4S a while back.

Listed ‘specs’ of the iPhone 5 include a 4.3-inch screen, a ‘liquid-metal unibody type’ (take that HTC Sensation) an A6 dual-core chip and that home key is also a capacitive touch control.

In another departure from the norm, the micro SIM tray seems to have been moved to the top of the phone, sitting betwixt the power button and the 3.5mm jack. All in all a pretty nice video, though we were less keen on the background music.

Source: ADR Studio Design, YouTube


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