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iPhone 5: Features we don’t need

We’re sure the iPhone 5 is going to stun us all over again, and we’ve already covered what we’re hoping to see on the next, although there’s next to no chance of another antennae-gate, there are several things we wouldn’t mind missed off the iPhone 5 spec sheet.

High resolution front-facing camera

If it drops £20 off the price-tag, we’d stick with the VGA model found on the iPhone 4. More pixels means more data, meaning the iPhone 5 will have to work harder for not that much return.

We still love the idea of an upgraded rear-facing shooter, but those are pictures we’ll be sharing or viewing on bigger screens.

Glasses-free 3D screen

We’re still very much divided on the idea of 3D screens on mobiles here at Recombu Towers.

We do agree that it hasn’t been completely thought out – there’s still a thorough lack of 3D content to make the most of the visibly expensive technology, not to mention the fact that these screens seem to suck up battery life at a rate of knots…

There are also some other ways of bringing the 3D screen effact without changes to the phone… (Oh and ignore the dodgy “iPhone5” to the left; it’s an awful fake)

A 4G-ready iPhone 5

US customers may whoop and raise their arms in the air, but us poor Brits won’t see high-speed networks until some time after 2013. A real shame, given the push Apple is making for constantly connected cloud libraries of photos and media.

Button-less ‘concept’ phone

We understand that Apple does love a bit of minimalism in its design, but we think it would be a big mistake to remove that home button on the front of current iPhones.

Half of the reason may be that we find it so darn satisfying, and gives a physical feedback at times when the touchscreen (albeit rarely) decides to ignore your prods and swipes.

Mini-HDMI ports

They haven’t exactly set the world alight on smartphones we’ve seen them on so far; and a far better option would be to offer an MHL port, a tiny microUSB-shaped port that doubles as a HDMI output.

Given that Apple are happily charging you to buy a cable to change your iPhone or iPad output to HDMI, we think we’ll be okay with this one. We’re not even going to mention DLNA…


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