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iPhone 5 glass frontage appears in black and white

We saw last week that Apple’s supply chain had gotten loose-lipped with regards to the company’s upcoming new handset the iPhone 5, but despite its arrival not expected until September we’ve been graced with spy shots galore. Of course authenticity is always questionable in these circumstances, but this latest leak fits with the current library of rumours accumulating in the run up to the device’s official launch.

It’s widely understood that the iPhone 5 is likely to be the first iPhone to move away from Apple’s tried and tested 3.5-inch display handset size and will instead feature a 4.08-inch, 16:9 display, improving the video and gaming experience as well as being able to offer more information in apps such as Safari and Twitter without requiring the user to scroll down.

Apple iPhone 5 front glass

These photos skimmed from Photobucket user meme_168 by show the front glass piece expected to be fitted to the display in a process that reduces the overall thickness of the complete part, leaving more room for the iPhone’s new internal components. Aside from the rough proportions, which look to offer the correct aspect ratio for the new larger screen, a hole for the front-facing iSight camera can now be seen positioned directly above the earpiece, as was anticipated based on older leaked information. The proximity sensor meanwhile resides to the left of the earpiece. Rumblings suggest that the iPhone 5 might finally make use of Corning’s Gorilla glass, the toughened glass already employed by a number of other mobile manufacturers for it strength and resilience.

Other changes, demonstrated in the high quality renders we previously saw include new positioning for the headphone jack and lock/power key as well as new speakers grilles and a new smaller dock connector.


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