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iPhone 5 initial hardware leaks

Apple’s iPhone 5 may still be a way off from any official talk, but that doesn’t stop us attempting to find out every single aspect of the device ahead of time. We recently were treated to what could legitimately be considered component shots, detailing the unibody back plates of both black and white iterations of this yet unreleased device as well as revealing new port placements, a new micro dock slot and the approximate arrangement and dimensions of the new larger display.

However all of these images were of external components, to really find out what the iPhone 5 may hold, 9-to-5mac, with the help of a source close to Apple, have looked more closely at what makes iOS 6 tick.

iPhone 5?

We must of course preface this by saying that such information could still be incorrect or at the very least, subject to change, but we’ll work with what we’re given for the time being. The processor expected to power the next iPhone is registered as an ARM S5L8950X, a step up (numerically at least) from the ARM S5L8940X found in the current iPhone 4S and the new iPad’s ARM S5L8945X.

Suspicions point towards a dual-core approach much like the iPad, in an attempt to keep power consumption to a minimum whilst offering solid performance. Despite the market’s gravitation towards quad-core, devices like the HTC One S prove the latest dual-core devices certainly offer up a flagship-worthy user experience. It’s also worth noting that the source indicated the chip name wouldn’t make the jump to ‘A6’ with the latest iPad making use of an ‘A5X’ chip.

The GPU is the only other real element uncovered in this instance. Going by name alone, the SGX543RC* (the ‘*’ is an undisclosed number for the sake of the source) is as far as we’re aware, a non-existent component at this stage but will remain part of the next iPhone’s SoC architecture. Expect a GB of RAM to accompany these components as that seems to have served the current iPad well.


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