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iPhone 5 launch date edges closer? Shops prepare in the UK, US and Germany

Yet more rumoured leaks are pointing towards that fabled mid-October release date, with several stories appearing today from several different countries – each with their own take on Apple’s pre-release machinations.

In the UK, CNET UK has has received a missive from their own tipster, though theirs seems to know way too much about a phone still cloaked in mystery. (Dual-core 1.5GHz processor? Apple still avoid talking about the processor in the year-old iPhone 4.)

According to their tipster, their ‘phone store’ has already began to train staff for the upcoming iPhone launch. They added that “”an announcement will be made in the next week to two weeks, and they won’t start stocking it until very late 2011 or early 2012.” Early 2012?

Added to that is news from yesterday, in the US, that super-sized electronics retailer Best Buy has had a memo leaked to those chaps at TIMN; the details are unsurprisingly vague, with an Apple fixture installation penned for October 21st 2011. is that an October release date? An October reveal date? Is is definitely an iPhone-related fixture? Don’t know, not sure and maybe – at this stage.

According to the memo-leaker, the interesting part is that 6am early start, when typically this sort of installation is done later in the morning. A similar thing apparently occurred ahead of the iPhone 4 launch, whilst Best Buy managers are allegedly having a meeting on 10th October to ‘discuss upcoming big releases.’ We’re stroking our rumour beards.

Meanwhile, in Germany, a Deutsche Telekom spokesperson has told German tech site Focus that it will start offering iPhone 5 reservation coupons from today, to avoid “supply bottlenecks,” These will be available to its current customers, but they won’t get any sniff of pricing or release dates.

We’ll be watching those rumour mills; but a mid-October date seems to have a lot of traction. Best start saving.

Source: CNET UK, TIMN, Focus


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