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iPhone 5 photos reveal bigger screen and new dock

It was only yesterday that we were talking about how closely Apple has made sure its iDevices stay true to the 30-pin dock connector, but some new photographs of the iPhone 5 reveal a bigger screen, brushed finish and new mini-connector.

9-to-5Mac has been sent a number of high resolution images, supposedly with various pieces of new iPhone 5 on display. Most notably this one shows off the back piece for both black and white variants of Apple’s next smartphone.


We now have a dedicated iPhone 5  page which we will continually update with rumours and confirmed information.

iPhone 5 leaked back plate

Close inspection of this image shows some significant changes to the design when compared to previous iPhones. Take a look at the bottom of the case, where we can see a small drilled slot, where that 30-pin connector used to sit so comfortably (could Apple be producing an iPhone with a microUSB slot built in?).

In the bottom right corner, there’s also what appears to be the headphone jack which strangely brings the design more in line with the iPod family. We can only assume that Apple has had to reshuffle the hardware layout significantly to accommodate larger batteries and new components.

The most obvious change is the metal back plate which replaces the glass of the 4S with a brushed finish. The edges of that rear metal then feed straight into the antenna band which edges the phone, meaning the iPhone 5 will likely utilise a true unibody design, much like Apple’s laptops have done since 2008.

The final notable difference is around the camera model where a small hole has appeared between the lens and flash placement, presumably for a secondary noise-cancelling microphone.

iPhone 5 with bigger screen leaked photo

This photo reveals the front of the black iPhone. According to sources it will apparently be the same width as the screen on the current iPhone, but the display will be longer allowing for a wider screen.  We’ve previously heard the phone is said to feature a 3.999-inch Retina Display, which would make it the first iPhone to leave the realms of 3.5-inch screen.

Of course there’s no confirmation that this photo is genuine, but it certainly looks credible, we’ll find out more when the iPhone 5 launches in October.


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