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Assembled iPhone 5 prototype appears alongside iPhone 4S

By the looks of this most recent batch of iPhone 5 leaked photos, we’re looking at the most complete example of how Apple’s 2012 flagship is expected to look in the real world. What’s more, it’s sitting alongside the current Apple champion, the iPhone 4S for a nice sense of scale.

Pictures of an engineering sample recently emerged, showing a rather interesting looking all-aluminium iPhone block, which measured to the expected proportions of Apple’s next smartphone considering the anticipated, larger 4-inch display. This time around, that same metal block iPhone is now incorporating a glass frontage and a coloured back panel as is expected from the finished version.

iPhone 5 compare

The photos better show off some other key features rumoured to make up the new iPhone design, most notably on the base of the phone, whose underside now plays host to some enlarged speaker grills as well as a headphone jack port and the new smaller dock connector. The iPhone 5’s expected design has already been recreated in beautifully rendered CGI, but this is the closest thing to a real-world prototype that we’ve seen. The photos come courtesy of KitGuru who now no longer appear to be hosting the page, but the its proof that development of the iPhone 5 is progressing rapidly, bearing in mind we have no idea how old these images may be.

iPhone 5 side

The iPhone 5 along with iOS 6 are expected to launch in September time this year. It’ll also be the company’s first iPhone since the death of former CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs.


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