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iPhone 5: Resolution revealed? Could suggest 4-inch screen.


I want it bigger.

I want it sharper.






And so the battle ensues. Thus far, Apple has dug its heels in and produced an outstandingly sharp display, but at a paltry 3.5-inches, for size queens out there, it just doesn’t hit the spot. As for Android, we’ve seen some true behemoths of late, with the HTC Titan, Sensation XL and the Samsung Galaxy Note all brashly bearing their 4.7+ inches of screen, but paling in terms of PPI.

Speculating on the subject of what to expect from the Apple iPhone 5, leaks of late indicating a possible 4-incher from Apple. That said, history dictates Apple could well stalemate further and stick to their 3.5 inch guns. These taken into account, the latest resolution rumours from do a good job of filling some PPI blanks if they bare any truth whatsoever.

An Apple software engineer apparently states that Apple are testing fourteen drivers for iPhone products (iPhone 5 maybe?), with the following resolutions being in the mix: 1280 x 720 and 1440 x 800.

Taking into account what we already know in terms of rumours, if there is any accuracy to these reports, we can work out the possible PPI options for the upcoming iPhone 5 at 3.5-inches and 4-inches:

With the Apple iPhone 4S sporting an already industry topping 326 PPI, even if Apple bump up their screen size, they would still be bettering the iPhone 4 PPI at either 365.2 or 411.8 PPI making for one incredibly sharp display and a fair size bump over the 3.5-inches of old.

If however they stuck to their 3.5-inch guns – we could be seeing PPIs of up to 470.7 PPI – wow.

Realistically, it doesn’t seem likely we’ll be seeing a pixel density nearing 500 PPI anytime soon. The technology Apple are pegged to be using, IGZO is suggested to produce nearer the 330PPI mark. It also seems unnecessary, with a bump in size being more overdue than a bump in PPI. If they adopted a 4-inch screen and it did have a 1280 x 720 resolution (365.2 PPI), it would still be jaw-droppingly sharp.

As Mac Rumors mentions, the source has been wrong in the past and the resolutions would change the aspect ratio of the iPhone, adding a non-Apple shaped challenge to upscaling apps, so rumours must be approached with caution, however if true, even the lowest potential PPI it looks like the iPhone 5 will indeed be the larger fronted iPhone people have been longing for since the original graced out palms way back in 2007.

Source: Via: Mac Rumors