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iPhone 5: to get a quad-core A6 processor?

The latest reports are in and to complement the iPhone 5’s rumoured 1280 x 720, 4 inch screen it looks like the iPhone 5 could well run a quad-core A6 processor. This is a pretty huge deal, and suggests marked performance enhancements for the next-gen line of Apple smartphone.

Computer World mention that tests on two iPhone models have been carried out, one with a dual-core processor and one with a quad-core processor, coupling this with information that Apple are thought to be developing a quad-core A6 processor. If true and Apple decide to go with the A6 quad-core processor in their iPhone 5, performance should be outstanding. Computer World labour this point heavily, stating the iPhone 5 will be inevitably superior to even the most advanced of Android counterparts released in the coming year.

The mere fact that its an Apple processor made for their Apple iPhone 5 by their Apple iPhone technicians is a huge advantage when compared to, say, an an HTC phone powered by a Qualcomm chip running Google’s OS.

So with the processor and screen rumoured up to the nines, there seems to be a lot of hush hush on the subject of the camera, hopefully we’ll be hearing something on that subject soon, though as far as what we ‘know’ goes, it’s looking like a very quad-core 2012 in the world of mobile.

Source: Via: Computer World