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iPhone 5 update: Phone networks test, 10 million units made, iPhone 4 price cut and the end of 3GS

Perennial source of electronics manufacturing news and rumour, Digitimes has heard from its industry sources that we can expect the next iPhone to ship next month (September).

There’s little extra information from the article, aside from the 10 million figure; manufacturer Pegatron – still the greatest name in manufacturing – has apparently been tasked by Apple to make this amount ahead of the launch.

The phone remains a tightly guarded secret despite all those possible phone cases, and reports of the iPhone 4 sequel being ‘spotted’ around the world.

The Guardian is still putting its money on a September launch, with its sources telling the UK paper that the sealed boxes (don’t want to ruin the surprise) are already with phone networks for testing.

The article adds that few people at the networks will get to see the new handset itself – with the hardware typically housed within a dummy body, avoiding any chance of the new-look phone leaking.

Alongside this, there’s news that the iPhone is soon to get its price trimmed in the US; big-size electronics stores like Radio Shack and Target are set to start offering the phone at reduced rates on US phone network AT&T.

Add to this the very sad news that the iPhone 3GS looks set to be no more, and it sounds a lot like a future product transition is afoot.

We have lovingly stowed our iPhone 3GS away, but it’s still a very able chunk of smartphone, set to get most (though not all) of the new features seen in iOS 5.

The news comes from a tipster at Orange, who told 9to5Mac that shipments of the third (or fourth, depending on how you count) iteration are drying up.


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