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iPhone 5 white renders offer more stunning realism

Last week, Martin Utrecht was beaming with confidence after he managed to deceive a number of reputable sites into thinking that the new black iPhone 5 had emerged in a finished state on camera, complete with fingerprint marks and all. It transpired that Martin had in fact placed a lot of care and attention into modelling a 3D representation of Apple’s yet unannounced handset, basing the design on existing leaked imagery, schematics and hearsay.

The jig may be up now that he’s revealed just how virtual this prototype in fact is, but that hasn’t put him off bringing the white variant to our computer screens in much the same, hyper-realistic fashion. Gizmodo were one of the first sites on the scene with the release of the black variant’s images, although as a result they were also one of the first sites to fall prey to Martin’s deception.

The iPhone 5 in both black and white looks pretty tasty, with a return to a metal-backed design that many Apple fans will welcome, along with a rumoured unibody design. The new renders also now feature a new display based on screens from Apple’s 2012 WWDC Keynote, displaying one of the new native applications coming to iOS 6; Passbook. A place where all a user’s digital store cards, travel tickets and vouchers can be accessed without having to sort through multiple applications or emails to find them.

Utretch now also makes mention of the fact that the model he’s created with which he produced these renders, is available to download. Links can be found from his Flickr.





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