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Apple has already sold over nine million new iPhones

Apple knows that we love numbers, and the company has some more for us to share this afternoon. Cupertino says that it managed to sell nine million iPhone 5Ss and iPhone 5Cs over the weekend, but didn’t reveal the individual sales split.

For comparison, Apple managed to shift five million units of its last flagship, the iPhone 5, over the same three day period last year. Demand for Apple’s latest and greatest phone, then, doesn’t seem to be slowing.

In addition, the company announced that over 200 million devices are now running the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 7. 9to5Mac says that adoption of iOS 7 has happened twice as fast as iOS 6, and for good reason. Apple has completely overhauled the OS, introducing a brand new user interface as well as some new features to boot.


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