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Surprise! The iPhone 5S has a Blue Screen of Death

You sit upright in the middle of the night, sweat running down your brow. You were dreaming about using a Windows machine. It crashed. It displayed the Blue Screen of Death. The horror, the horror. But do you really think you’re safe in the Golden Age of Smartphones? No. The BSOD is an evil that can never be killed. It evolves, it adapts… and it’s found a new home.

The Verge reports that iPhone 5S owners are seeing the infamous Blue Screen of Death while using Apple’s suite of iWork apps. Multitasking looks to be the culprit, with the phone briefly displaying a blue screen before promptly rebooting back into iOS if a user tries to navigate to a different app.

There doesn’t seem to be a definitive fix for the issue so far, but some users have found a temporary workaround. Disabling iCloud sync for iWork apps seems to alleviate the issue, but it’s ultimately up to Apple to release an update that will quash the bug. Stay frosty, friends.


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