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iPhone 5S outselling 5C by three to one

The iPhone 5C may be the cheapest iPhone 5 money can buy, but cheapness doesn’t equate to popularity. New sales figures have revealed that the budget(ish) 5C is being outsold by its more expensive iPhone 5S brother by a ratio of three to one.

More phone fans are buying the iPhone 5S than its cheaper 5C cousin.

When both handsets went on sale back in September, many expected the more affordable 5C would have mass appeal thanks to its £469 starting price That hypothesis has been turned on its head, however, with research analysts Kantar Worldpanel ComTech revealing that most users are opting for the more expensive iPhone 5S, which starts from £549.

It’s not all bad news for the 5C, however. The multi-hued handset is reportedly enabling Apple to attract a wider audience, specifically older, less financially well-off customers. Many of this demographic, it would seem, appear to be migrating across from Android devices.

“The good news for Apple is that this wider appeal is attracting significant switching from competitors,” Dominic Sunnebo, Strategic Insight Director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech said.

“Almost half of iPhone 5c owners switched from competitor brands, particularly Samsung and LG, compared with 80 per cent of 5s owners who upgraded from a previous iPhone model,” he added.

Apple will need to sell a hell of a lot more iPhone 5Cs if it’s going to seriously challenge Android. The open source OS has seized a whopping 81.3 per cent of worldwide smartphone shipments in the third quarter of 2013, equalling a staggering 204.4 million units shifted.

“Generally, Apple’s share of the market still remains lower than when the iPhone 5 was released, although this is not wholly unexpected as shoppers tend to react more positively to ‘full’ releases than incremental improvements such as the 5s and 5c,” Sunnebo said.


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