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iPhone 6 could feature pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors

The Apple iPhone 6 could feature different sensors similar to Samsung Galaxy S4.

The upcoming iPhone 6 may include different sensors for temperature, pressure, and humidity, according to Sun Chang Xu, a news chief analyst at ESM-China. The analyst said on her Weibo account that Apple could catch up in the “sensors department” with the iPhone 6 featuring pressure, humidity and temperature sensors. She previously reported that Apple may use “optical sensors” to measure heart rate and oxygen levels in the iWatch.

If the iPhone 6 does include different sensors, then this will place it in line with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 (which also boasts an inbuilt heart rate sensor on its back). Overall, there are nine sensors featured on the S4 and they all serve a different purpose. They also include sensors for barometer, temperature, and humidity. The iPhone 5 was supposed to include similar features but it never happened, so it’s possible Apple will want to go ahead and pack sensors into the iPhone 6. 

It should be noted that the term “pressure” used in this context does not refer to blood pressure. It is referring to atmospheric pressure. 

However, there have been rumours surrounding Apple wanting to become more health-conscious in its products. This also places the S4 and iPhone 6 head-to-head, as the Barometer is used in the S Health app in the S4. It can measure the altitude that you’re walking at, which allows S Health: Walking Mate to tell you how many calories you are burning as you continue on your hike. 

Meanwhile iOS 8, which will be released this year, is believed to include a ‘Healthbook’ app which measures your blood oxygen saturation, hydration and breathing rate. Apple has also been hiring health and fitness experts over the past year. 

The iPhone 6 is said to arrive in September this year. As always, we’ll keep you posted on any updates. For now, why not leave a comment on the iPhone 6 below? Like the sound of it so far?

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