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‘iPhone 6’ demoed in video with 4.7-inch screen

An ‘iPhone 6’ has been unveiled by a Russian YouTuber and if it’s a genuine sample it confirms that Apple’s new phone will tout a 4.7-inch screen. 

The model here looks very similar to the leaked pictures that surfaced a few weeks ago and rocks those same curved edges. 

The chassis of the iPhone 6, as has previously been hinted at, looks to include more curves in comparison to the straight-edged iPhone 5S. The band around the sides of the iPhone 6, presumably housing the antenna, are also rounded and the power button has moved from the top of the device to the side. 

‘iPhone 6’ demoed in video with 4.7-inch screen
Six appeal: Is this the real deal?

The volume up and down buttons show what we’re expecting – thin strips rather than the round knobs of the iPhone 5S, situated alongside the mute switch, which hasn’t really changed at all. 

The fingerprint sensor is in the same place as the iPhone 5S and below this, there’s the Lightning charger port with a speaker on one side and the earphone port on the other. 

The video shows the screen is very obviously raised from the chassis and the rear is rounded too, giving it a more ergonomic feel. 

Compared with the iPhone 5S, the increased size of the iPhone 6 is obvious, yet it’s thinner than last year’s device, although this illusion could simply be because the sides are rounder. The colour is also different, with the iPhone 6 taking a slightly lighter shade. 

If the video is to be believed, it won’t have the sapphire display we’ve heard about, but it will include Apple’s next-generation A8 processor and NFC for mobile payments.  

What we definetly don’t get in this video is any footage of the phone running iOS 8. No HealthKit, no HomeKit, no QuickType, nothing. For all we know, this could simply be a very fetching paperweight. 

We’ll know what the score is for sure when the iPhone 6 is revealed for real next week in San Francisco. In the meantime here’s everything we’ve heard about the iPhone 6 so far and why we think it’s make or break time for Apple

Check out Rozetked’s video below for a closer look and let us know what you think in the comments. 


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