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Video: the very first iPhone 6 owner accidentally drops it

The very first owner of Apple’s new iPhone 6 in Perth put it through an immediate impact resistance test when he accidentally fumbled it in front of waiting crowds, and also a live news camera.

A hapless Australian Apple fan who queued up to be the first to get his hands on the new iPhone 6 may have to rejoin the queue, after dropping the thing live on Aussie television. The clip below shows a news presenter on Perth News interviewing the young guy, called Jack, immediately after he emerged from the store. After almost dropping the box as he tried to pull it open, the unthinkable happened and his precious new purchase went flying.

Although Jack was full of smiles and ‘it’s okay, it’s okay,’ reassurances, the clip sadly cuts off before we get to see if the iPhone 6 really did emerge unscathed. It’s at least in one piece though, and the screen doesn’t appear to be smashed, so chalk one win up for the scratch-resistant glass.

The crowd of course reacted with all the sympathy you’d expect, and as usual there’s one bright spark who just can’t resist a “hey mum, I’m on the news!”

Here in Blighty, the Apple stores have also thrown open their doors this morning, with staff hollering and pretending to be overjoyed when someone steps up to the tills to hand over their life savings for one of the shiny new smartphones.

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