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iPhone 6 to use light-up logo for notifications

The iPhone 6’s logo may have transformed into an old-school notifications LED, to show when you have waiting messages or missed calls – or is it just a case of better connectivity?

Those iPhone 6 rumours and leaks are flying about faster than custard in a clown house, and now it seems that Apple’s new iPhone may pack a light-up logo that glows when you have awaiting notifications.

Pictures of a thinly-coated logo appeared weeks back, but now a second set of pictures have appeared on the web, supporting reports the iPhone’s rear logo could offer a lot more than just some slick-looking branding.

Apple iphone 6 may have a logo that glows for notifications, the latest leaks reveal

If the iPhone 6 is face-down on your desk, trusty Apple source Sonny Dickson says the latest iDevice will make you aware of waiting notifications by glowing different colours, according to whatever awaits your attention.

The leaked picture shows a flimsy piece of plastic mounted within the metal (presumably aluminium) back plate that would allow light from an LED to shine through.

However, 9to5Mac said it’s more likely the logo would be used to house an NFC, Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth chip, allowing signals to pass through the thin plastic from the chip without interference from an aluminium casing.

For the iPhone 5s, Apple added glass sections to allow such signals to pass through the casing. Renders of the iPhone 6 however, show breaks in the metal casing – presumably made of a material that allows signals to pass through the chassis.

These latest pictures from Sonny Dickson also show these breaks – possibly rubber – that could well allow for various signals to pass through them.

The iPhone 6 is expected to launch in September, while a 5.5-inch phablet could possibly launch later in the year after a series of production delays have been reported.

Yesterday, it was revealed the iPhone 6 probably wouldn’t feature a full sapphire display as previously rumoured, but instead be constructed of a blend of glass and sapphire, to make it more flexible.

The iPhone 6 may well be the thinnest iDevice ever as well, with a slimmer battery than any other iPhone, shaving at least a millimetre off the chassis.



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