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Apple’s US iPhone 6 online pre-order system fails. The internet gets angry

It’s September 12th and that means iPhone 6 pre-order day, well, for everyone outside of America anyway…

When Apple pulled the wraps off the iPhone earlier this week, it concluded the first half of the presentation with the promise of pre-order availability in markets such as Europe and the US kicking off from September 12th. Whilst iPhone fans on our side of the Atlantic were able to navigate to their respective Apple Store websites without issue, over in the company’s homeland, things didn’t go quite as smoothly, leaving some angry and tired Apple fans out in the cold.

iPhone 6 - come back later

With many would-be iPhone 6 owners Stateside staying up late into the evening on the east coast and the early hours (around 3 a.m.) on the west coast just for the chance to be amongst the first to place a pre-order on one of Apple’s new blowers, imagine their frustration when the company’s online store page wouldn’t load.

To up the ante, the store page wouldn’t load for a full two and a half hours, with reports of limited success via means of the Apple Store iOS application on some user’s devices. Thankfully, such trouble didn’t rear its head on web stores in other countries, but it has left a bitter taste in the mouth of many frustrated iPhone lover.





Have you pre-ordered a new iPhone or will you be standing outside the Apple store on launch day? Let us know in the comments below.



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