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iPhone 6 rumour round-up of the week

Another week, another set of unsubstantiated Apple iPhone 6 rumours from unnamed ‘trusted’ sources. We round up the week’s iPhone buzz for your viewing pleasure…

Last week we saw some leaked photos of what appears to be the shell of an iPhone 6, which dwarfs the current iPhone 5s – thus backing up previous rumours that Apple is going big for iPhone 6. This week we haven’t had any more blurry, poorly taken shots of possible iPhone bits, but we do have more confirmation from ‘trusted sources’ about the iPhone 6 sporting a curved glass screen and more rounded edges than before.

Apple iPhone 6 rumour round-up April 2014

Japanese blog Mac Otakara published the claims that Apple’s iconic flat iPhone edges will be ditched, in favour of a more palm-pleasing rounded design (similar to Samsung’s Galaxy phones). If the iPhone 6 really is expanding to 4.7-inches then ditching the sharp corners is probably a good plan, given how Sony’s edgy design for the Xperia Z2 has garnered mixed opinions.

The new rounded design will also naturally extend to the iPhone 6’s screen too, if rumours are to be believed, with the very edges curving to meet the chassis.

Apparently the iPhone 6 will also rock a brand new antenna design, and here’s hoping we don’t see the debacle of the iPhone 4 repeating itself.

Have these hot Apple rumours got you hot under the collar? Want to know more? Check out our iPhone 6 complete guide, which packs all of these delicious rumours into one bite-sized tasty nugget.



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