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iPhone 6S leaks reveal dual-lens camera and Force Touch display

Rumours have surfaced suggesting that Apple’s iPhone 6S will launch with a dual-lens camera and the same ‘Force Touch’ tech that is set to be included in the upcoming Apple Watch.

There’s probably a while to go before we get to clap eyes on Cupertino’s next iPhone, but that won’t stop the steady stream of rumours from keeping us abreast of what to expect when the device is finally unveiled, likely in six to eight months.

Today’s slice of gossip, which comes by way of Asian supply-chain sources, indicates that the follow-up to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, dubbed the iPhone 6S, will come with a new dual-lens camera system like the HTC One M8. However, Apple’s new optics will apparently be capable of optical zoom, something rarely seen in smartphones (although Asus’ new Zenfone Zoom boasts this feature). We’re also told that it will feature improved low-light capture; something we’ve come to expect with every new device in recent memory.

In addition to a new camera system, the iPhone 6S looks set to feature a 3D pressure sensor, similar to the ones which will appear on the company’s upcoming smartwatch.

The pressure sensor allows a device to differentiate between light touches, full taps and presses with the help of minute electrodes secreted around a device’s display. This may even permit a device such as a smartphone to monitor heart-rate and blood pressure – thought quite how it will be deployed remains to be seen.

In terms of screen sizes, there’s nothing new to report. Tipsters claim that the next two iPhones will be 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch handsets, just the same as the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, effectively scotching rumours of a new 4-inch iPhone which have been circulating for ages.

One area in which the current iPhones and new ones may differ is their internal memory. The suggestion is that the standard configuration for the new devices will offering 32GB of storage as opposed to 16GB and it’s a rumour we don’t find too hard to believe given Apple’s recent run-in with the law over perceived untruths when discussing the amount of storage offered by its devices.

While these titbits seem perfectly plausible there is, as mentioned, a long way to go before Apple lifts the curtain on its next iPhone(s) – so we’re going to remain cautious but excited.


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