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iPhone and iPad get background-running Google Latitude app

One of the big features of Apple’s iOS 4 software is the ability for third-party apps to run in the background, including location-based apps. That means constant tracking of your location, rather than only knowing where you are when you load up the app or check-in using it.

One of the first to take advantage is Latitudie, which claims to be the first Google Latitude client for iPhone and iPad. Latitude, of course, is Google’s social location service, which lets you share your location with friends and family from your device. It doesn’t have a native iOS app yet, so Latitudie is filling the gap.

It makes use of the new iOS 4 features to run in the background, updating your location when you move. The developer claims that this saves on battery life, since it’s not constantly updating.

The problem I’ve always had with Latitude is I’m not sure what it’s for – other social location apps like Foursquare at least relate your location to a place – a bar or venue – so you can find friends, rather than just tracking you on a map. Still, Google may have big plans for the service, so Latitudie may find an audience (at least until Google launches an official iPhone app for Latitude).


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