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iPhone and iPad get improved Google Search app complete with a sexy new-look UI

Google has relaunched its app for iPhone and iPad, with Google Search now front and centre. Other things like Calendar, Maps and Docs are still available, they’ve just been moved elsewhere; all this stuff is now accessible under a separate tab called Apps.

Similarly, Google Search options like Places, Images and News are now located in a grey tab which is accessed by swiping left to right on the screen. Swiping down at the top of the screen also opens up a tab from where you can log in to your Google Account.

Switching between apps has also been tweaked, so that it’s faster to jump between Gmail and Maps than it was before.

By placing Search – i.e. the thing which people use Google for the most – at the forefront gives the app a cleaner and less cluttered feel. We like that stuff that we don’t always need to use can be moved away allowing us to get on with searching for what we want (tube maps, train times, pictures of lolcats etc).

It works especially well on the iPad version (pictured) where the extra screen space comes into its own. It’s free to download from the App Store now – hit up those shiny links below to be taken directly to iTunes on your computer or head over to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.


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