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iPhone and iPad iOS 4.2 update arriving on November 9th or 12th?

Absolutely no confirmation on this at the moment, but several tech sites are reporting that the iOS 4.2 update will be with us on November 9th or 12th.

Not a huge surprise given that Apple released the gold master of the update to developers last week, but we’re sure looking forward to multitasking on the iPad, streaming media using AirPlay on the iPhone and finally fixing that pesky alarm clock bug.

It’s the Germans getting us all het up, with reporting that a Deutsche Telekom spokesperson confirmed a November 9th release. iFun, another German blog, says that November 12th is the date based on some carrier updates that Apple will be pushing out that day.

As is always the case with rumours, we’re taking them with a bucket of salt. Either way, the update is imminent so stay tuned for official news of the release as and when we get it. [9to5Mac]


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