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iPhone app lets you record your calls… at a price

Sundial Telecom has released an intriguing iPhone app called Call Recorder, which lets you… yes, record the phone calls you make from the handset.

However, it comes at a price. The app itself is a free download, but to record a call, you effectively get re-routed through a premium rate number. So, if you’re calling a UK landline, you’ll pay 25p per minute for the call that you’re recording, and if you’re calling a mobile, you’ll pay 50p a minute.

Is any ten-minute conversation worth spending £5 to record? Users will be the judge of that. The technology is doubtless top-notch, but perhaps this kind of application would better suit a monthly subscription model than per-minute charges.

The app is for use in the UK only. Another question focuses on what you can do with the recordings once they’re made – it would be good to be able to export them as MP3 files, for example.

Also, someone should do a FaceTime version of this, obviously…


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