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iPhone app offers a legal way to follow supermodels

It’s always wise to be wary of iPhone app descriptions that are a bit too capital-happy. Supermodels Live promises “the SEXIEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL women in the world DIRECTLY to your iPhone”. Oh, and also lets you see their PHOTOS, VIDEOS, LINKS and MORE in real-time!” Hmm.

The app offers updates from more than 100 supermodels, including all the content listed above, while promising “BEHIND THE SCENES glimpses at the life of a model!”. It makes you wonder how developer Social Models managed to get all of these models signed up, especially as the app includes the likes of Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Hart and Isabeli Fontana.

Oh, hang on. At the end of the description, it suggests that if you want to see supermodels who aren’t included yet, “send us her Twitter name”. Yep, this is essentially an app that aggregates models’ Twitter feeds in one place, and charges 59p for it. You could do it for free by creating a Twitter list within the official iPhone Twitter app, but for lazy iStalkers, maybe Supermodels Live is worth a look.


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