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iPhone apparel: WTFJeans made especially for your gadgets

The perfect pair of jeans is hard to come by. Being of the not-very-tall persuasion I’ve never actually managed to come across the elusive dream denim-wear, doomed forever to drag lengths of material across the pavement under my feet.

At least now there’s a pair that will fit my iPhone perfectly: WTFJeans have been designed especially for today’s gadget-loving geek. With custom pockets specifically made to fit the iPhone’s dimensions and the interior lined with special micro-fiber cloth, it’s the pocket your handset has been dreaming of. That micro-fiber cloth actually cleans the screen as you drag the iPhone out as well as protecting it while it’s snug in your pocket. Handy!

WTFJeans come in boy and girl sizes based on Levis’ size guide, but I’m willing to bet they don’t come in so-short-she-ought-to-be-a-child leg-lengths. The makers, Sanja and Pedja, are only making a run of 1,000 pairs though, so get your orders in quick – yours for just £54 (59 Euros) during the Beta stage, eventually to be £99 (109 Euros).

[via Mashable]


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