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iPhone Birdbox alarm clock: Wake up to warbling

Waking up is hard to do, but this chirpy little accessory might make it a little easier. Using just your iPhone and a specially-made bird box from LuckyBits (£7.50), you can wake up to the sights and sounds of a cheery nesting box without having to deal with any actual birds.

It’s a delightfully simple idea – the bird box houses your iPhone (which can be plugged in to charge throughout) with a circle cut out in the centre. The free accompanying app displays a clock face in the same colour as whichever box you choose. When you tap the phone screen, it shows you nesting birds ‘inside’ the box. These little bird families can be set to chirp on the hour or just wake you up with a little song, filling your heart with joy and setting you up for a day full of song-and-dance numbers.

[via DesignBoom]



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