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iPhone chocolates: Gourmet geekery

We’ve seen all manner of tenuous phone-inspired bakery and homewares and such, but these gourmet iPhone-based iChocolates really got our mouths watering.

Not content with simply chucking app-designs on to cheapo chocolates and flogging them on the internet, these are organic, fairly traded, made with 100% cocoa-butter chocolate and won’t melt in the hand. The packs come with a number of flavours which, in laymans terms, are caramel, coffee, hazlenut, almond and pure chocolate.

Some of the apps aren’t strictly apps – like the ones with hearts on, and the iC logo (for iChocolate, we assume) but since they come on an iPad/iPhone tray design with anti-shake protection(!), they’re close enough for us.

Although they’re cheaper than an actual iPhone, the iChocolates are not exactly cheap at around £40 including shipping. Still, if you’re a true fanboy, that’s just a small price to pay.

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