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Best iPhone 5 concepts

Concepts give us a chance to stretch our imagination, as we dream about our favourite phone, creating something visually stimulating and exciting.

The huge success of the Apple iPhone with its distinctive components, has spawned a wide selection of concepts and below we’ve collected our favourites. Some we suspect are close to what we will see in the new iPhone, others are far less probable, but more interesting. One thing that’s clear, there are some amazing designers and animators out there, whose work (we hope) will catching the eyes of Apple.

If you see any concepts let us know below or via Facebook and Twitter.

iPhone 5

This iPhone concept was created by the extremely talented Dakota Adnay, a student from Tulsa in the US and it’s probably the most professional concept we’ve seen. The most striking feature is the translucent iClear Retina display and projected keyboard. Check out the video to find out more.


iPhone Pro   

iPhone PRO

This interesting concept is by Chio Junyoung. The iPhone includes a rear connection point for attaching a lens, projector or mounting it to a speaker. Balancing the phone could be a problem and the 4.5-inch screen gives the phone a chunky phablet appearance.

iPhone with fingerprint scanner

The new iPhone

According to Toby Kick’s concept the iPhone 5’s specifications will be near-identical to the iPhone 4S. But smaller components mean the body just 7.1mm deep, with a narrow frame and bigger screen, allowing a fifth column of widgets and a weather ticker permanently running along the top. 

iPhone Diarama

A concept like no other. 3D Artist Mike Ko has created a holographic iPhone concept complete with its own 3D town, which took three months to complete. All will become clear when you check out the video, but this is one iPhone concept we can’t see becoming reality.

iPhone more and less

iPhone 5 More@Less

Zezi Ozek’s concept adopts a far squatter design to the iPhone we know and love. Here the home button has been replaced with a fingerprint scanner for unlocking the phone and anything that requires a password, such as making NFC payments and two swipes will open a background app. Interestingly he’s retained the same size icons.

iPhone Plus


iPhone Plus

This iPhone concept by ADR Studio comprised of five layers to resist scratches and impact, including a liquid alloy backplate. Elsewhere there’s a 4.3-inch edge-to-edge Retina Display made from double-sheet glass, a quad-core A6 chip and 10-megapixel camera. We’re not sure about the pixel rating, but we think a similar screen and processor could appear in the next iPhone.


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